6 Line Stickers That Say “ok” But Really Mean F*** You

6 Line Stickers That Say “ok” But Really Mean F*** You

1. This one might go over their head- it’s just a cute bunny saying okay, right? Well that’s what they can think if they want. We know what’s really up.

2. This one is sort of like a fun, ironic “aye aye captain!” We love the nuance of the blonde farang hair here. Also, just look at that face. Does that face look happy to be completing a task?

3. Arguably the most common. This is an easy one to send as a quick response when your boss texts you after hours to give you a new and confusing task that is due the next day. This is the only response they deserve. It even gives a little sparkle as it’s one of those “moving stickers”

4. A classic. Picture all the power that’s packed into the thumbs-up emoji, and multiply that by TWO. And this one looks like it’s one after the other. I like to think it’s like a never-ending thumbs up circle you make with your hands as if you’re dancing. Very festive.

5. Absolutely brutal. Just picture the face you make when you send this one. It’s like we used a 2003 version of WordArt to make a rainbow-fade, block letter, shadow outlined “F*** You”.

6. Wild card. Nobody can be mad at this Lil chef guy. But his side-eye combined with that little “ok” hand signal, it’s simply *chef’s kiss*


Well, I hope this makes communication in your work group chat much smoother and less confusing. Let us know YOUR favorite way to say “F*** You” in a clandestine way!

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