Best Pizza Place in Bangkok

Best Pizza Places in Bangkok


When I was a child, and not just mentally (queue laughter), my parents told some news about a guy who went to a pizza shop and killed himself after saying, “This will be my last piece.”

I was really fascinated with the story and since then I’ve been searching for a  pizza to die for. So I’ve gathered a few places I believe would be worth your time and stomach space.

Pizza Mania

Pizza Mania is famous for its American style pizza, meaning the best pizza to order here is pepperoni pizza. It’s also known for making the square Detroit pizza with separate tomato sauce you can dip the pizza into. In terms of toppings, they deliver a wide range of toppings and even have seafood with squid, seashells, and shrimp!

Pizza Mania fans also swear that their garlic knots are something that you should always order and having eaten it myself, the bread is so soft and garlicky, you’d put yourself in knots to eat it!

This place is take-away only, meaning it only delivers to a few areas. As a frequent customer, they have told me a secret that it will be opening its second outlet in On Nut!  

“I don’t know about you but every time I eat them pepperoni pizza, I feel like I am eating a lot of UFOs…I really feel like I am high in space.”

Gallery Pizza

Feeling high at 4 AM or want a romantic take-away pizza after midnight? Gallery Pizza is your answer as it delivers until 4 AM. Besides its mix of New York style pizza and White Italian pizza, it also offers Vodka pizza which is made of vodka sauce

This pizza place delivers everywhere in Bangkok and it’s the most convenient when you’re hungry! You can also order wine with it if you like. 

Legend said that this pizza was made to help starving artists, so you’ll be helping the artists in Thailand as well ordering this pizza.

Vesuvio Pizza

If you just watched Eat, Pray, Love you’d probably saw the authentic Naples pizza in the film. 

Vesuvio Pizza is where you can get Marina pizza with really thin crusts. 

Time for a joke:

One day I was eating pizza here and I choked on the pizza. I really thought I was going to die. So I said to myself, calm down, you’ve choked on raw meat before! (Send me virtual laughs or facebook laugh emoticons, people!)

The joke saved my life because I calmed down and was able to swallow the pizza I choked on, even though I choked on the same piece again. I had to swallow the piece I choked on twice!

Besides that funny joke, they also have a happy hour where you can get some pizza toppings for a cheaper price.

Soho Pizza

This is another place where you can get American style pizza. There are only a few toppings here besides the pepperoni, but my favorite here is the cheese pizza. 

I recommend eating the pizza at the store where you can just taste it fresh out of the oven.

Pala Pizza

Whenever I just got off the BTS, the first place I run to when I feel pregnant is pizza pala. It’s a squared pizza and the special thing about this place is that you can see the pizza being laid out in front of you so get it while it’s hot!

Delices De Capoue

I went on a date here once and just remembered that the owner of the pizza place is French. My date also choked on his pizza and it was just gruesome watching him choke before my eyes.

Always remember to chew your pizza before you swallow, people.

Jokes aside, they’ve got really fancy looking pizza here and I highly recommend this place if you’re around Ekkamai. 

Joke time!

I once was eating a pizza with a guy and couldn’t choose between a hamburger and a pizza so I got a pizza burger. Yes, and if you thought that was romantic, think again. It was really gross and looks something like a UFO landed on a bunch of pimple-faced landscape.

Note to Readers: To see the address of each pizza place, please log on to Facebook and search for each pizza place. 

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